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Why Is A Hair Salon Becoming A Must-Go Place For Women?

Blow dry or blow out bars are becoming increasingly popular and are putting a real dent in the popularity of the more traditional salons. Now I know what you might be thinking a blow dry bar is a salon, isn’t it?

Well while the two are similar a blow dry bar is different with its own unique characteristics. A blow dry bar provides washing, styling and of course blow drying. Some might offer a few other treatments/ services as well but in general, they are focused more on washing, drying, and styling.

So, in a way, a blow dry bar is very similar to a salon however the typical blow dry bar experience is going to feel quite different. Think about it like this going to a salon even a more high-end, luxurious one is often going to feel quite hectic and busy isn’t it?

Yes, you could go at a quiet time but even then it will usually be a wait, take your seat, get your haircut and head out kind of experience. Yes, there might be some nice chitchat during your visit but the end result will often feel a little humdrum after a while. So, how is the blow dry bar experience different?

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A Very Different Experience   

From the outside, a salon and a blow dry bar might look similar but trust me there is a big difference between the typical visiting experiences. Yes at a blow out bar you’ll often take a seat while you way for your treatment but that is just the beginning.

Your typical blow dry bar offers a much more relaxing time. Blow dry bars will have stylish but comfortable decor and a simple layout so you won’t feel lost when you walk in. Unlike salons, a blow dry bar will typically have separate stations for the different services available although some might carry out multiple services in the same area depending on what you want.

Many blow dry bars also offer complimentary beverages and some even offer complimentary treats like chocolate, fruit or sweets while you wait. You’ll also have a lot more options when it comes to how your treatments are carried out as well.

If you would like a particular type of shampoo for example then most blow dry bars will be happy to oblige. And if you like to have your hair washed and massaged in a certain way then just inform the staff member working with you.

It’s a much more personal one to one service at a blow dry bar but at the same time blow dry bars are happy to tailor their service to your liking. Some light conversation is to be expected but don’t worry if you want a more quiet and relaxing experience then you’ll find it at a blow dry bar.

You’ll find a lot more on offer when it comes to the styling products available as well. Volumisers, mousses, gels, oils, creams and much more are all available so you can rest assured that any service will be relaxing and professional. High-standards are guaranteed at a blow dry bar no matter what kind of experience you want.

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What Is On Offer At A Hair Salon? 

The main service at a blow dry bar is in the name, isn’t it? Blow drying and hair styling are the main two services available but some blow dry bars have expanded their services to include scalp massages, manicures, pedicures, tinting, and colouring. The general rule is that blow dry bar won’t offer any kind of hair cutting but might offer other kinds of services.

Why Are Hair Salons So Popular? 

So, why do so many women enjoy visiting blow dry bars these days? It’s really because there is no place quite like them. Yes, a salon is similar in some ways but very different in others. A blow dry bar is more focused on providing a relaxing experience and it also offers the benefit of being cheaper than a salon on average as well.

Relaxing on a comfy chair, enjoying a complimentary beverage or snack while an experienced professional styles your hair is a monthly treat any women will love! You could even make it a weekly experience if you like?

Many blow dry bars also have complimentary phone chargers, and onsite tablet computers and televisions which you can enjoy using/ watching while having your treatment carried out. Blow dry bars are becoming more and more popular because they don’t just offer some amazing services for competitive prices but they also offer a relaxing experience for visitors.

Whether you visit on your own or with a group of friends a blow dry bar makes a fantastic place to visit. Getting your hair blow dried and styled will make you look and feel great and a trip to a blow dry bar is an experience any woman will enjoy.