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Thin hair? Why not see if a blow dry can help

Sad about thin hair? Why not see if a blow dry can help give it bounce and volume?

worried about thin hair

Thin hair isn’t something that many people are going to want in their life. After all, when you think about beautiful hair, you are likely to think of hair that is full, thick and with plenty of bounce.

Some people may decide that extensions are going to be the only way to achieve the thick hair that they are searching for. However, here at Aer Blowdry Bar, we believe that there is another way.

Whilst the humble blow dry may be seen as a way to make sure that your hair is dry after washing, it can actually be so much more than this. Blow drying your hair can help with a style, can help with the way that it looks and of course, blow drying your hair can give it the bounce and volume that you are craving.

Always use the right products



The starting point for any blow dry is to ensure that you have the right product at your disposal. You are looking at products that are designed to give your hair volume as well as ensuring that it is sleek too.

You may find that it takes a few attempts to find the right product for you, one that works and that smells great too. Think of it as a primer for your hair if you like.

Without it, you are essentially blow drying your hair naked, which isn’t going to make for happy hair.  You should aim to use a good quality shampoo and a hair-dryer too. Whilst your old trusty may have stood the test of time, you may find that it is not actually helping that much when it comes to creating the look that you are trying to achieve.

Blow dry the roots first

Once you have applied your product to your hair, you are ready to grab your hair dryer and get to the task in hand. One top tip when it comes to blow drying your hair is to aim your nozzle (with the concentrated tip) at the root of your hair, as this will blow the warm air towards the scalp.

Think about the way that your hair normally sits, and make sure that you aim the hairdryer the opposite way. Sounds strange we know, but doing this will ensure that the root stands up straight, rather than sitting against the scalp. If you are finding it hard to reach some of the areas on your hair, then maybe try hanging your head upside down, this will help you get the back of your head and the nape of your neck too.

Zig zag your parting

One more top tip coming your way is all to do with your parting. A straight parting is often going to highlight any sparse areas of hair that you may have, therefore, a much better idea is to aim for a zig zag parting instead.

You can do this with ease using a parting comb, or, if you are stuck without one, a grip will do the job just as well.

Work on your hair in sections

Once you have given your root a blast and it is pretty much dry, it is time to work on the rest of your hair. It is best if you try and separate your hair, working in sections, rather than tackling it all together. Not only will this allow you to smoothly dry it, but it will also stop you possibly flattening those roots that you put so much effort into volumizing.

You should start with the bottom layer of hair, pinning up the rest of it. Grab a round brush and blow dry that section of your hair whilst you pull the brush through. Just remember to avoid the roots. You will need to repeat this throughout the rest of your hair, making sure that it looks as beautiful as possible.

Always, always set before you go

The last step is the finishing touches, something that is just as important as the rest. The thing to remember when it comes to setting the hair, and ensuring that it looks sleek, is that you don’t want to use a product that is too heavy and avoid applying any product too close to the roots, this will not only ruin your hard work but could also make your hair look greasy, which isn’t going to give the impression that you are trying to achieve.

If you feel like your hair needs it, then you could always spritz it with some holding spray, however, in the most part, the power of the blow dry should be enough to keep it in place and look fabulous.

Visit a professional for the ultimate blow dry

Of course, you can give yourself a good blow dry at home, however, if you really want results to be proud of, that are going to stand the test of time, then you are going to want to visit a professional.

We are a London based hair salon that specializes in the art of hair styling, hair colouring and hair treatments like Hair Botox, Olaplex and Keratin. If you need a blow dry treat for a special occasion, or simply to give yourself a treat, then we are the place to come.

With our expertise and a whole variety of tools at our disposable, we can ensure that you leave our salon feeling like a million dollars and looking like it too. :)