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festival hair

The very best of UK festival hair

Here at Aer Hair Salon, we love nothing more than making sure that our client’s hair looks beautiful. No matter the client, no matter the hair type and no matter the occasion.

Despite loving working throughout the year, one of our favourite times of year has to be the festival season. Not only does festival season mean that the weather is starting to get warmer and a whole lot more inviting, but there are also a number of events going on which are a whole lot of fun.

festival hair

Fancy creating your own festival hairstyle?

Let’s take a look at the very best of UK festival hair

Pipe braids

Now, it is true that no festival look would be complete without some braids and this year it is the turn of the pipe braids. Fun, flirty and easy to style, we love the fact that these braids are super tight, which means that they shouldn’t fly away, even if you spend the night dancing away. We also love the idea of incorporating ribbons or threads into pipe braids, as they will give a beautiful and colourful look.

Wave goodbye to floral crowns

hair flowers

Whilst once upon a time floral crowns were the biggest thing in the festival scene, the same cannot be said for modern style. However, just because the floral crown is no more, that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a spot of floral charm! Maybe just go for something small and understated, such as pins or clips rather than go for an all-out floral tribute.

Half up and half down

Whilst this hairstyle may remind us of our younger days, it is actually incredibly modern and right on trend for festival hair. You might want to only opt for this look for the first day, as time goes on your hair may start to look messy and windswept. Although, as time goes on, you could always bring the lower half back into a ponytail in order to keep it off your face.


Now, we have to admit that we were slightly excited about the idea of this 80s trend making a comeback, after all, what could be more fun than rocking some crimped hair. If you are not a fan of the frazzled look, then you could instead create some mini plaits in your hair the night before and then in the morning, it will be beautifully crimped and not at all frizzy.

Pastel colours

Finally, we have more of a colour than a style. Festivals are a great excuse to grab out the exciting hair dye and giving yourself a new look. We love pastel colours, they are gentle but they are easy to maintain too.

If you are not sure that you can achieve these amazing results yourself, then why not book in to see us here at Aer Hair Salon? We are experts in a range of different techniques and can make sure that you feel amazing, no matter where you are heading and no matter the look that you want to go for!