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The top reasons to add an add-on, here at Aer Blowdry Bar

Here at Aer Hair Salon in London, we understand that sometimes our clients simply need a treat or two. There are going to be times when you want a straightforward blow dry or up style from one of our amazing stylists. However, there are also going to be times when you want to treat your hair as well as yourself.

This is why we have add-ons as a part of our services. We currently offer three different Hair add-ons that you can choose from, each one giving you something different. But what are these add-ons and what can they do for you?

Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment

Kerastase hair treatment

It is no secret that many of us want to have bouncy and healthy looking hair, which is why many people head to a salon for a cut, colour or in our case, blow dry and style. However, if you really want to make sure that your hair is looking picture perfect, you might need to book in for something a little bit extra.

As a part of our add-on service, we offer the popular Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment. Kerastase is a name that is often linked to indulgent and extremely luxurious haircare, bringing the best quality ingredients, with scientific research, which makes sure that you have the very best hair possible.

What is the Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment?

Everyone’s hair is different, which means that everyone needs a bespoke blend when it comes to their hair product of choice. Something that the Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment is able to offer. The products that are part of this treatment range are boosters and concentrates which can be brought together in over 20 different combinations. Which means that there is going to be a product that works for your hair.

The entire treatment doesn’t take very long and you can start to see the results straight away, which is ideal for those who are short on time, but that want to have the most amazing hair possible.

What are the results?

Thinking about this particular add-on treatment? Want to know the results that you can expect? If you opt for this particular treatment then you can expect your hair to feel smooth and shiny, as well as full of life, thick and bouncy.

Your stylist will discuss with you the products that are going to work with your hair and by using these particular products you should see your hair looking and feeling good for around 5 washes, which, depends on the number of times that you wash your hair, should be a couple of weeks.

Time Out Scalp Massage

Benefits of scalp massage

Our lives are hectic and busy and sometimes we are going to feel completely overwhelmed by everything that you need to do and just life in general, Heading to a hair stylist gives you a chance to slow down and relax, so why not extend that as much as you can with a scalp massage.

We offer a 10-minute scalp massage as a part of our blow dry service, which we feel is the ideal add-on for you to choose as a part of your hair treatment. But what is so great about a scalp massage?

The benefits of a scalp massage

There are a variety of benefits to getting a scalp massage. It helps with dry and flaky scalps as it keeps it lubricated and helps the oils to soak into the skin and stay there. It also helps the blood to circulate in the scalp area too, this is because the fingertips stimulate the scalp into action and get the blood flowing.

Scalp massage is also great for the condition of your hair too. It encourages your hair to grow and strengthens the roots of your hair too, which helps it to stay rather than falling out. Also, as the massage will help to move around the natural oils that the scalp produces, your hair is going to feel soft and in the very best condition possible.

Finally, one of the best things about a scalp massage is that it gives you a chance to sit back and relax. Just close your eyes and chill, after all, you deserve a bit of time to yourself.

Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex Treatment London

We might not realise it, but our hair is always fighting a battle against everything we chuck at it. Air conditioning, pollution outside, hot water when showering and of course colouring and heat treating our hair, all of these things can have an impact on your hair and leave you with brittle or dry hair.

For hair that has been damaged by the chemical process, you can rest assured that this is going to give your hair the exact look that you are going to want.

Not only is Olaplex going to give your hair an instant lift, but this particular hair treatment is designed to actually rebuild and fix the damage that has been building up for years, permanent damage. Your hair will be stronger and will be much more resilient to any future damage, which means that this particular treatment is definitely a great treat for you.

As you can see, whilst we may be experts in blow dry’s and up styles, there is plenty more that we can offer you when you come to see us for help with your hair.

Whether it is a treatment that gives you sleek and beautiful locks, a scalp massage that is going to help you to relax and unwind, or perhaps a long-term fix for the damage that you have caused to your hair.

Here at Aer Blowdry Bar, we have everything that you could ever want for your hair, as well as some things that you may not even realise that you wanted and needed.