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hairstyles in a hurry

The best hairstyles for when you are in a hurry

In an ideal world, you ladies would have as much time as you wanted to get your hair and makeup looking perfect. However, the truth is that sometimes you simply do not have the time to spare when you need to go out.

Does this mean that you have to resign yourselves to boring and dull hair? Of course not. There are a wealth of hairstyles that you can do yourself at home, even better, hairstyles that you can do in a rush. So, to help inspire you, we have put together the best hairstyles for you to try out when you are in a hurry and need to get out of the door.

Twisted ponytail

A ponytail has to be the easiest way to style your hair when you are in a rush. However, the truth is that they can be a little on the boring side. If you want to transform your ponytail then why not try a twister ponytail? All you need to do is gather your hair in a low ponytail don’t tie it up in a ponytail, however, instead twist the base of the ponytail clockwise before securing it in place with bobby pins at both sides.

Ponytail Tutorial:

A messy bun

If you want to pull your hair completely off of your neck and face, then a high bun is going to be the ideal choice. To do this you are going to want to gather your hair into a high ponytail, this should then be twisted clockwise forming a bun, before securing in place, either with a bobby pin or two or perhaps a hair band. The best thing about this particular style is that it doesn’t matter if it is messy, because this is the whole point.

Messy Bun Tutorial:

The quick twist

We like the fact that this particular hair style is easy to do but is also stylish and suitable for heading to work. In order to do this particular style, you need to separate your hair into 3 sections. The middle section should be tied up in a low ponytail, you need to pick up one of the remaining sections of hair, twisting this section around the middle ponytail once. This twisted section will then need to be pulled through the elastic band around the middle section making sure it is combined with this ponytail. You need to repeat this with the other side and then in place with bobby pins.

The Quick twist Tutorial:

Braided headband

If you are a fan of having your hair down, but want to make it a little bit more interesting, then a braided headband is a great idea for you to try out. You will need to take a section of hair from behind your left hair, use this to make a regular braid. It is a good idea to try and pull out the edges of the braid a little as this will give it more volume and make things look textured. The braid should be tied up with an elastic band, the braid should then be led across your head, which forms a headband across your head, this braid can be pinned up with bobby pins.

Braided Headband Tutorial:

Fishtail plait

A braid is the ideal way to get your hair off of your face and away neat and tidy, however, it can be incredibly trick to master a braid that is more than just one of the standard braids. Thankfully there are some easier options that you can consider, a fishtail braid is one of the best ones to think about.

Not only are fishtail plaits beautiful, but they are easy to do too. You need to split down your hair into two sections, you take a small section of hair from the outside of one section and bring it over into the middle, joining it with the other larger section. You then repeat this with the other side, and keep on going all the way down before securing with a hair band. The great thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t have to worry about it being messy and this makes the hairstyle even more charming.

How to Fishtail Braid:

A double pony

Sometimes one ponytail is not enough, so, one way that you can make it even better is to double up. You need to start this particular hair style by tying your hair up in a half up and down style. The hair that is down will be hanging behind your ears, whilst the up part will be in a relatively high ponytail. The hair that you have left down will then be scooped into a second ponytail that will sit underneath the first one. You then need to tease the top ponytail to make sure that it looks beautifully messy and full of volume.

Double Pony Tail Tutorial:

Low braided bun

Sometimes you are going to want to have a touch of texture to your hair, whilst still keeping your hair simple and easy to do. A low braided bun could be the ideal answer for you. To start this hairstyle you need to pull your hair back in a low ponytail, this should then be tied with elastic to keep it in place.

The hair should then be braided and secured together. The braid can be taken and wrapped around the base of the ponytail as you would for a bun. The hair can be tucked away ensuring that the loose ends are secured with a bobby pin before giving the entire style a spritz with your favourite hairspray.

Braided Bun Tutorial:

As you can see, your hair can look beautiful, no matter how much time that you have to get ready. Sometimes you just need to think about styles that are going to be easy to do and that you can have looking perfect in no time at all. Ideal for when you need to get out of the door.