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The Best Hair Styles for Christmas and the New Year 

With Christmas and New Year’s celebrations effectively coming back to back finding the time to do your hair can be difficult. Which is why many women come to get their hair done around Christmas time.

Think of it as an end of year treat. But this where things can get a little tricky because there is a lot of options to consider. Do you want a fashionable festive hairstyle or something you can rock at a New Year’s celebration and beyond?

There is so much to think about but the good news is whatever you decide the experienced team at Aer blow dry bar can help! At our London hair salon we provide some amazing hairstyles and other great services that you can treat yourself with.

But of course, you’ll need some inspiration, won’t you? So, before booking a session at the Aer Hair Salon why not check out the list below? We’ve compiled some of our favourite Christmas and New Year hairstyles.

The Bow Ponytail 

Let’s start with something that is nice and simple. A ponytail topped with a large bow makes a great Christmas hairstyle. If you don’t want something quite so simplistic then there are plenty of ways you can get more creative.

A messy ponytail is a great way to add some extra flair to your hairstyle and will look more relaxed which makes it great for New Year’s parties. If you want something a little more fancy and luxurious then why not opt for a classic high-twisted ponytail? It gives the ponytail a totally new chic-vibe which will be a glamorous look to take in the new year with.

Halo Braids 

Halo braids are a great choice for parties over the Christmas and New Year periods. They have a very luxurious look to them but still, maintain a more down to earth charm! It’s the perfect hybrid of styles and will be sure to stand out. So, if you want something a little different halo braids make a fine choice.

Modern Waves 

Sometimes called the movie star waves this classic look is perfect for women with medium to long hair. Despite the name, this wavy hairstyle was actually very common in the late ’60s and is quickly coming back in fashion. It’s a simple yet bold, glamourous style that will look great on any woman.

Chic Topknot 

The classic topknot is revitalised with this sleeker alternative! It’s a simple look that will look wonderous at any party over the festive period. You can also enjoy it into the New Year as well as it’s a very versatile hairstyle that lends itself brilliantly to more formal occasions.

Pumped-Up Waves 

Another wonderous wavy look to try in the New Year is this retro-style. Inspired by 80’s icons this fabulous style is great for parties over Christmas and New Year but can be enjoyed long into 2020. If you’re looking for a more all-purpose hairstyle you can enjoy after the festivities have ended this makes a great choice.

Wavy Ponytail 

Wavy hair is certainly a real crowd-pleaser at the moment! But it’s easy to see why with this glamorous hairstyle. Traditionally set quite high-up a wavy ponytail makes a brilliant, fashionable hairstyle you can rock at Christmas, New Years and beyond! It’s a very glamorous look but also one that is deceptively low-maintenance. Stylish and more simple than it first appears a wavy ponytail is a great look all year round.

The Multi-Bun Hairstyle 

There is something about the classic bun that works brilliantly at Christmas and New Year’s parties but the multi-bun enhances it with a new exciting twist! Why have one big hair bun when you can have a bunch? Styled around the base of your head the multi-bun puts a fun festive twist on a classic hairstyle.

The Hair Bow 

I started my list with a hair bow-themed hairstyle and I’ll finish it with one! This hairstyle is a little different and quite quirky but that makes it great for Christmas and New Year’s parties! You simply tie some of your hair to make your own makeshift bow! It can go with almost any hairstyle and can be easily removed after a party. But if you like a more quirky hairstyle you could always enjoy it further into 2020 and beyond.