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Summer Loving… For Your Hair

During these summer months, hair naturally gets drier and needs a bit of TLC. With braids, pinning and lots of heat to create perfect curls, it’s important to look after your hair as much as possible. Getting rid of the glitter and removing the stubborn dents will need more than a quick wash, and this would be the ideal time to come in to our blow dry bar in London for one of our hair treatments.

Before a blowdry, you can indulge yourself with a personalised Kerastase Fusio Dose or Oribe hair treatment. We also offer Olaplex, the infamous hair treatment that repairs colour treated, damaged or brittle hair.

We’ve come up with five ways you can look after your hair at home in the summer months before coming in for a much deserved treatment!

1. Get that shine back

Use a protein-based moisturising treatment at least once a week. This will restore moisture and elasticity.

2. Protect your scalp

If you find that your scalp is dry and flaky, sunburn and dehydration are both possible causes. By wearing a hat in the sun and applying suntan lotion to the skin on your parting, this can help relieve dryness and itchiness. Massaging coconut oil and leaving on overnight can also help.

3. Make that snip

With split ends, there is no way to get rid of them other than cutting them off. Being in the sun, swimming and using heat on your hair are all causes but with regular conditioning treatments and trims every six weeks, split ends are less likely to occur.

4. Moisturise!

If you’ve noticed your hair isn’t at it’s healthiest, moisturising is crucial. Sun-damaged hair needs a lot of attention and a concentrated hair-conditioning treatment or mask can make all the difference. Leave in for a few minutes and rinse for soft, shiny locks.

5. Be gentle

Brushing out your hair roughly and not being gentle with it is another way that hair can get damaged really quickly. Things like using a wide-toothed comb on wet hair, applying a leave-in detangler and sleeping in a silk hair cap or on a silk pillow are additional things you can do to keep your hair healthy on holiday.


At our blow dry bar in London we will be happy to give your hair the love and attention it needs. As well as blowdries and cuts, we also offer a range of haircare treatments and we’d be happy to help you find the right one for you at our London blow dry bar. Please email info@aersalons.com for more info.

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