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Summer Hair Styles

Summer is here (although the rain might tell us otherwise) which means that we need to think about how to style our hair during the summer months. Especially if we want to make sure that our locks look sleek and stylish not frizzy and wild.

Here at Aer Hair Salon we have put together our guide to the top summer hairstyle trends 

Fishtail Bun 

A bun is a great way to keep longer hair off of your neck and shoulders when the weather is really warm, but it might not be the most interesting of styles, especially if you want to wear it that way every day. A great way to spice things up is to style your hair into a lower bun, with fishtail braids (or just plain old French if that is all that you can do) that then wrap around the bun giving a touch of texture.

Ponytail with curls

Wavy, loose hair is something that many women look for. However, it can be hard to keep looking sleek, especially as the weather gets warmer and hair looks frizzier. An alternative that you can try out to having your hair down and in loose curls is to tie it up into a regular (albeit high) ponytail and then curling the hair that hands down. This will give your hair volume, but will make sure that it stays as sleek as possible.


Braids are the ultimate summer hairstyle, especially if you are heading to a festival and you want to keep your hair up and off of your face. There are so many different braids that you can try out for yourself, double, single, fishtail or French. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to braids and just how awesome that they are going to look in your hair.


Top knot

We have already covered buns, but a top knot is an entirely new breed of the classic bun and definitely deserves a category all of its own. The idea of a top knot is that it is easy to do and takes all of your hair off of your neck. The beauty of a top knot is that it doesn’t matter how messy it gets throughout the day, it is still going to work and even will look better the messier it gets.

Don’t forget a good blow dry

Of course, wearing your hair down during the summer months might not seem like the most fun thing to do. However, if you are heading out for the night, or you just want to give yourself a bit of a treat, then come and see us in Chelsea? Here at Aer Hair Salon we offer a dedicated Hair Styling service that is going to make sure that your hair feels amazing, no matter whether it is summer or winter!

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