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Short Hair And Why We Love It

Short Hair And Why We Love It!

August is here and summer is the perfect time to make a drastic change. We know that committing to a new style is a tough decision and one that you’re likely to think about for a while before you know whether you’re certain or not but at the moment, we’re all about short hair. We know that when you’re considering it, you’ll be wondering whether short hair will suit you, how short you should cut it and how long it will take to grow back if you don’t like it and there are so many other questions that we’d love to answer for you to help you feel more comfortable. Pop into our blowdry bar in London for some advice if you’re thinking about taking the plunge.

At the moment, we’re really loving the shorter hair style. Maintaining long hair can be difficult and if you find it a struggle or something that takes up too much of your time, opting for the chop might be the right thing for you. To see if it’s the right look for you, have a look at some of our favourite celebrities currently rocking the shorter style. Whether you want to wear it down in loose waves or dead straight, this is a versatile look that is really on trend at the moment.


Instagram | Dua Lipa

Instagram | Maya Jama

Instagram | Rita Ora

Instagram | Olivia Culpo

Instagram | Kristen Cavallari

There’s nothing better than leaving a salon and feeling confident and really happy with your new style. The medium chop is the best option, (and looks great as you can see above) if you want a change but don’t know if you’re ready to completely ditch your long locks.

We really want to give you the chance to pick the perfect style for you. At our blow dry bar in London we offer a range of different haircare treatments and as well as blowdries and we’d be more than happy for you to come in for any other service or offer you advice if you’re not sure what the next step for you hair should be! We’d be happy to help you find the right treatment or style for you at our London blow dry bar. Please email info@aersalons.com for more info. Short hair, don’t care!

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