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Eyebrow threading London

Eyebrow Threading

Threading is the removal of unwanted hairs using a 100% cotton thread. Threading has the ability to get super fine hairs, so there is less visible regrowth. We swear by threading as the go-to technique to define and shape your eyebrows. On average, eyebrow threading takes 5-7 minutes. Thus it allows technicians to move with more speed than with tweezing. When done by a professional, the result is cleaner, more natural and beautiful eyebrows that can dramatically change the look of your entire face.

Along with eyebrow thread, we also offer upper lip, lower lip, side of the face, chin, forehead, middle of brows and full face thread.

For newbies to threading at aer salons, ask about our “build your brows” package. For £45, we offer you three eyebrow threads that need to be completed within the first three months of purchase.

Looking for eyebrow threading in London? At aer salons, all are welcome! Book online or walk-in!

The Art of Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that originated in Asia and has gained popularity in recent years due to its precision and efficiency. It involves using a twisted cotton thread to glide across the skin, capturing and removing unwanted hairs at the follicle level. This method results in cleaner, sharper lines, and a longer-lasting finish compared to other hair removal methods.


Eyebrow threading London

The Eyebrow Threading Experience at Aer Salons


Step 1: Personalised Brow Consultation

Your Eyebrow Threading journey begins with an in-depth consultation with one of our skilled brow specialists. We will discuss your desired brow shape, assess your natural brow structure, and provide recommendations for a tailored threading service that enhances your unique features.

Step 2: Brow Shaping and Threading

Our brow specialist will expertly mark the desired shape of your eyebrows, ensuring symmetry and balance. Then, with utmost precision, they will use the threading technique to remove unwanted hairs, creating a beautifully sculpted brow that frames your face.

Step 3: Soothing and Finishing Touches

After the threading is complete, our specialist will apply a soothing gel to calm your skin and minimise any redness or irritation. Your brows will then be groomed and styled, leaving you with a polished, stunning finish.

Aftercare and Maintenance

To maintain your beautifully shaped brows, we recommend scheduling Eyebrow Threading appointments every 3-4 weeks, depending on your individual hair growth rate. Our brow specialists will provide personalised advice on how to care for your brows between appointments and recommend any additional services or products to enhance your overall brow appearance.


Pricing for Your Eyebrow Threading Needs

  • full face 55
  • eyebrow shape 20
  • middle of brows 5
  • upper lip 12
  • lower lip 15
  • side of face 15
  • forehead 10
  • cheeks 10
  • neck 10
  • chin 10
  • upper lip thread 6 pack 48
  • Each upper lip thread is £8*
    eyebrow shape 6 pack 90
  • Each eyebrow shape is £15*

Book Your Eyebrow Threading Appointment in London

Experience the precision and artistry of Eyebrow Threading at Aer Salons London. Contact us today to schedule your personalised consultation and let our skilled brow specialists create the perfect brows you’ve always desired. Embrace the confidence that comes with flawlessly sculpted and defined eyebrows, tailored just for you.




What is eyebrow threading

Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal technique that originated in Asia, particularly in countries like India and Iran. The method involves using a thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over the skin to catch and remove unwanted hairs from the follicle level. Eyebrow threading allows for precise shaping and grooming of the eyebrows, creating clean lines and a polished finish. The technique is popular due to its accuracy, efficiency, and the fact that it is chemical-free, making it suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin.

Can I get my eyebrows threaded if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, eyebrow threading is generally suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. The technique does not involve any chemicals or heat, making it a gentle hair removal option. However, if you have concerns about skin sensitivity, please inform our brow specialists during your consultation so they can take extra care and provide appropriate aftercare recommendations.

How long does an eyebrow threading appointment take?

An eyebrow threading appointment at Aer Salons typically takes between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your brow shape and the density of your hair. Our brow specialists work diligently to ensure precise and efficient threading, resulting in beautifully sculpted brows within a short time frame.

Do you do eyebrow threading for men?

Absolutely! Eyebrow threading is a suitable and effective hair removal method for both men and women. Our skilled brow specialists can help shape and groom men’s eyebrows to enhance their natural features while maintaining a masculine appearance.

Is it possible to achieve a natural-looking brow with threading?

Yes, our expert brow specialists at Aer Salons are adept at creating natural-looking brows through precise threading techniques. By assessing your facial structure and natural brow shape, we can deliver a tailored threading service that enhances your unique features while maintaining a natural appearance.

How soon can I apply makeup after eyebrow threading?

We recommend waiting at least 24 hours after your eyebrow threading appointment before applying makeup to the threaded area. This allows time for any redness or irritation to subside and helps prevent clogged pores or potential skin reactions. If you need to apply makeup sooner, be sure to use clean brushes and gentle, non-comedogenic products.