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Hello aer,

I get blowdries relatively frequently and have been to a number of different hairdressers and blowdry bars: some of them are better than others but it’s very rare that I actually am impressed enough by any of them to write a review – aer has impressed me this much!

This was easily the best blowdry I’ve had in a long time. Definitely the best blowdry in a blowdry bar ever. Martha really understood my hair and despite my very vague instructions to her, managed to style my hair in the most flattering way possible. Now (a couple of hours later and because of the drizzle outside) my hair has dropped slightly but it still has kept its shape perfectly and hasn’t frizzed up at all. If anything it looks even better because it looks more natural, worn-in.

Beside the amazing results, what sets you apart from other blowdry bars is a philosophy of “not cutting corners”. Top quality product, natural fibre brushes and great attention to detail. It’s appreciated!

Thanks very much – I’ll definitely pop back in next time I’m in your neck of the woods.


Hi Aer
Thank you as I had a perfect time at your beautiful salon.
I love the decor and you have created a very soothing and tranquil atmosphere.

Everyone I met was lovely, friendly and very courteous.

My hair wash was gorgeous, so much so that I wanted to stay in that chair and “secret” room at the back all day.

I was offered a drink of my choice and was brought a lovely cup of tea (it was a wee bit strong since it arrived with the tea bag still in it – just for future reference, but anyway a very kind gesture, thank you).

My hairstylist was amazing and I loved everything about her.  She really did a great job on my hair as she managed to get a lot of volume into it and therefore it will last me a few days.  It looked just how I like it, perfect!  She had a very good approach and is a very talented hairdresser.

I very much enjoyed my whole visit to your beautiful salon, and I am interested in buying a package, if you are still doing them.  I came out happy, refreshed and relaxed, plus ready for my evening out.

Many thanks Aer Team.
Best wishes

Sarah Duerden
I must say, that was the best blow dry I had for long time, the men who did it, did a very very good job,


Sarah Duerden

Dear Anushka,

I take my time just to send you a positive feedback!

The place, the service and everything is just absolutely amazing.


Maria Sofia

Amazing blows dry that’s lasts! Get products used & stylists really know how to get the best out of your hair! Also super relaxing environment and lovely friendly staff!

Katie Maria

Love the area, beautifully done… Courteous service, good blow-dry.

I hope you do really well. Would love that voucher!



I really liked my visit at the salon and you have already become my new favourite – I can say this as I’ve been a frequent visitor to various blow-dry bars around Chelsea/ West-End with varied results over the years so I do have a pretty good idea of what I like and don’t like.

What I think you did very well was:

– 45 min instead of 30: makes the whole experience less stressed and I would like to think it also makes a difference when it comes to how long the blow-dry lasts as the hair gets proper time to rest / cool down
– The shampoo session with a complimentary little massage was really good
– Oribe products: one of my favourite brands and I rarely see these elsewhere
– Service: the service was very good through-out, one from your team also ran after my taxi in the heavy rain as I had forgotten my wallet which was (obviously) very much appreciated
– The quality of the blow-dry: the guy who helped me (sorry, can’t remember the name) was really good and thorough and the result was exactly like I envisioned. My hair stayed in great shape for the whole weekend and survived a wedding party so this was great; this is not always the case (especially as I have Scandinavian hair with a tendency to fall out in 2 seconds)

At the moment I can’t come up with anything you could have done better but perhaps I will come to think of something once I’ve been a couple of times.

Will definitely come back soon, and looking forward to my next visit!

Kind regards,


Excellent service

Amazing ladies

Thank you


Super service and sweet staff


Joanna was fab. Jujji bouncy sexy hair.

B. Lemos

This was my second time visiting aer. As with my previous visit, the salon was bright and clean, the staff was gracious, and my stylist was wonderful. I look forward to visiting aer again the next time I’m in London.

S Coppola

Brilliant as always thank you so much!

All best,


Dear members of the Aer Blowdry Bar team,

I would just like to thank you very much for my blowdry and treatment last night. I really enjoyed my experience at Aer and will definitely come again. Plus I felt much better and prettier when I left your salon than when I arrived so thank you very much!

Best wishes,

A Banzet

Great experience as always! And thank you for the presents!

L Ghazzaoui


Next time I came at A.E.R I would like to have Shameka again, she is quick and talented!

Best regards


Thank you. I was very happy with my stylist. It was a good first visit. Will definitely use it again. On line booking was very straightforward too.

L. Chanrai

Ambience was great at the blow dry bar, and the consultant really consulted before go ahead with the blow dry. It did look great in the end which is the most important thing.

Big bonus for including wash.

Suggest consider offer make-up and/or nails as a trial.



I was really impressed with my experience at Aer so thank you so
much. The one thing I probably would have changed would have been
while I waited for my appointment (I was early and it started
perfectly on time I must add) it would have been nice to have a few
pictures of your style options out to look through as I ended up just
looking it up on my phone.

Literally that’s it and it’s hardly an issue – was super impressed
and would be back in a heartbeat! Can you open one in Notting Hill I
would be there all the time!!!

Kindest regards

Amy Burton

Hi dear Anushka,

It has been so wonderful to have the gem of aer in the neighbourhood!! I love the early mornings as will be vital for pre-work glamour hair.

I love and think it is smart to have the package deals. The products,
music and interior of the salon is super contemporary and chic!

Give feedback as and when ideas come to my head:)

Happy aer client! fi xx

I thought it was great, although I only had my eyebrows done! They look perfect and the head massage was nice as well. And the location is perfect for me as I live just off Old Brompton Rd and run past the shop every day on the way home from work.

Kurstin Finch

Great team and loved my hair, easy to book and convenient

Debbie Thomas

The best blowdry in London! My hair looked great and lasted for quite a while. The warm interiors and hospitable service completed a wonderful experience

Savitri Singh

The gentleman who did my blow dry was very fast and very good. I will be coming back there for sure.

Thank you

N. Morley

Thanks for a great blow dry. My hair still looks bouncy 2 days later despite the bad weather. Very nice staff.

A Watson

Today was really excellent. Everyone was happy, welcoming and I left feeling excellent.

Jenny Arthur

I had visited aer blowdry bar last week for eyebrow threading service. The staff over their is very friendly and the packages are also affordable. I am highly satisfied with their service and would love to recommend them to my friends too!

Jaden Smith

Very happy! My hair looks great! See you soon! Xxxx

Vanessa Dekou

Visited with my cousin to get blow dries done, and genuinely the best blow dries we’ve ever had!! If only we lived closer, we would be here all the time! Salon is absolutely gorgeous too! Our hair has never looked so good! Thank you so much! When we’re back in London, we’ll be back!

Gabriella Grazia

Staff excellent and accommodating.


Marta was excellent!!
Super confident and strong on the blow dry!


I was visiting from the United States and I was in need of a blowout before the theater. I was very impressed!

Thanks for the awesome hair!


A great addition to the neighbourhood. I’ve been a few times for various services and have been pleased with the service and the price!


I was really pleased with my first AER experience – the salon is great, love the style and design (not to mention it’s in walking distance of where I live!). My stylist was lovely and took her time to get my hair just as I wanted, I never felt rushed. I’ve tried several blow-dry bars in London and have liked this one the best. I’ll
definitely be coming back.


It’s great!! I would appreciate maybe also getting nails done or so at same time, bot love the place and people



I came in back in July to get my eyebrows shaped. I was really happy with the results, and the salon is very nice. I would offer some kind of loyalty card for near by residents.

Overall, very happy with the service provided.



I had a wonderful experience for both eyebrows and blowout and will definitely be back.

J. Berman

Every time I’ve been here my hair turns out exactly how I wanted it and lasts for days. The fact that I can also get my nails done and threaded here is a huge plus. Having everything in one place makes life so much easierI had a wonderful experience for both eyebrows and blowout and will definitely be back.

Neha Lalani

Best experience I’ve had in London! The stylists are really experienced, friendly and quick and the space is just gorgeous. They also have an excellent threading bar, which is a huge plus!

Sahar Meghani