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On our website homepage before scheduling your hair or beauty treatment whether it be a blowdry or eyebrow threading at our London blow dry bar, you will come come across an area where you can book the newly introduced “revolutionary hair treatment” Olaplex.  You may be wondering what is so “revolutionary” about this particular hair treatment? Read on to find out more about Olaplex…Olaplex is a treatment that repairs broken disulfide hair bonds caused by heat, chemical and mechanical damage, it’s the ultimate breakage insurance!

This treatment isn’t just another hair conditioning solution, it permanently repairs colour treated, damaged or brittle hair as a result of the chemical process.  An ideal answer if you have over-coloured your hair in the past, Olaplex will help to rebuild the structure, giving it a new lease of life by resetting your locks.  With December behind us, your hair may be suffering as a result of over-styling, brushing and backcombing, heat tools as well as change in diet that can affect both hair and skin.  January is the ideal time to switch up your hair routine and give your locks some much needed R&R!

At our London blow dry bar we are offering a 30 minute stand alone treatment for £60 that can be added prior to your blowdry.  Leave our blow dry bar in London with revitalised hair as well as a beautiful blowdry!

To maintain the strongest, healthiest and shiniest hair possible take home from our London blow dry bar the Olaplex Hair Protector providing continuous protection from ongoing hair damage at home.  To learn more about Olaplex check out their website here.

Celebs who swear by Olaplex!

“But my secret is Olaplex, it really works!”  Nicole Sherzinger for Hello! magazine

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Katie Piper, Rochelle Humes, Jennifer Lawrence also swear by Olaplex.

After all the upstyles for hair over Christmas and New Year, heat styling and general wash and blowdry upkeep book in for your 30 minute Olaplex treatment here and revive your locks after the party season this January.  We hope to see you soon!

Images: Google, olaplex.com, Instagram: @olaplex