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Looking After Coloured Hair In The Sun

The summer is here and finally with warmer days, it’s starting to feel a bit more light and fresh outside. If you’ve got coloured hair, this means you’re much more prone to it getting dried out in the sun and you have to take extra special care of it. We offer a range of treatments in our London blow dry bar and these are crucial to prevent breakage and restore shine and moisture. Before a blow dry, you can treat yourself to a personalised Kerastase Fusio Dose or Oribe hair treatment. We also offer Olaplex, the infamous hair treatment that repairs colour treated, damaged or brittle hair.

If you’ve bleached it or opted for balayage, the salt water, sea and chlorine aren’t things renowned for keeping your hair in great condition. But, you can have fun in the sun and still keep your tresses looking good. Here are some tips:

Give it a rinse!

The first step for looking after colour-treated hair in the summer is to give your hair a good rinse before you get in the pool/sea. This is because wet hair is actually less absorbent than dry hair so this little trick reduces damage from chlorine. Easy enough!

Condition, condition, condition!

We can’t say enough about leave-in conditioner – it’s a lifesaver for dry hair anyway, so of course it would work wonders for hair that’s been coloured and dried out even more. If you know you’re going out, try to prevent the damage by adding conditioner before you leave the house. It adds a layer of protection!

Cover up that mane!

Whether you’re going for a scarf or a hat, we recommend covering your hair when you’re out in the sun to avoid damage. If your scalp can retain moisture and you’re provided with extra UV protection, you’re already preventing the damage. The perfect way to look after colour-treated hair!

Opt for the oil

Another way to coat the hair with a layer of protection? Coconut oil! To seal in moisture and make it harder for the other stuff to cause any damage (chlorine mainly!), this is the stuff to put on. It helps with hydration which is what colour-treated hair needs.

Use suntan lotion

It protects your skin so it makes sense that it would protect your hair! Add this to your routine while you’re on holiday and massage it into your scalp to protect your coloured hair that extra bit.

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Rinse and repeat

As soon as you’re done with your beach or pool day, it’s a good idea to wash your hair as soon as possible. Why? This removes any build-up and gives you a chance to restore your hair before any real damage is caused. Use lots of conditioner!

At our blow dry bar in London we will be happy to give your hair the love and attention it needs. As well as blowdries and cuts, we also offer a range of haircare treatments and we’d be happy to help you find the right one for you at our London blow dry bar. Please email info@aersalons.com for more info.

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