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Lashes we love!

With our lash services in full swing at our London blow dry bar, we’re sharing some of our lashes we love picks for Spring!

Gorgeous Lily Collins giving us serious lash inspo for Spring!

Warmer weather is on approach and with blue skies and blossom in the trees all around London we’re excited for summery days and later nights!  Forget the mascara, it’s all about the natural look this season.  To achieve this, why not try our lash lift or lash curl treatment. A lash curl is suited to those with straight lashes giving them a natural curl eliminating the need for eyelash curlers or mascara. Complete the look with an eyelash tint if you are fair or have lighter lashes.

A lash lift works on giving the illusion of length allowing the eyes to appear more open too!

If you’re looking for something more glamorous, why not try the semi permanent lash extensions for longer, thicker, curlier lashes.

Make your lashes stand out with an upstyle just like the beautiful Keira Knightley!

Our cluster lashes treatment at our blow dry bar in London are perfect for a day or night out, whether it be a weekend wedding or birthday drinks alongside our upstyles for hair service this flirty lash style has got you covered! With several eyelashes applied at the same time, this treatment saves time and has you ready to go before you know it!

For instant glam try our cluster lashes service, seek style inspiration from the stunning Olivia Culpo.

To read more in detail about each lash service check out our blog post here, or have a look at our website. What are you waiting for?  Book in with us and flutter those lashes

Images: Pinterest