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how to treat frizzy hair

How to Treat your frizzy hair to make it shiny

At our Hair Salon, we understand that your hair might not be in the condition that you want it to be in. There are many solutions to treating your frizzy hair, and we promise that it is completely treatable.

Frizzy hair explained…

Frizzy hair usually occurs when the cuticle layer of your hair has been raised. This allows moisture to pass through the strands of your hair; as a result, your hair appears dry and frizzy. There are various reasons that this happens, including dehydration, sleeping with your hair against drying materials, shampoo that is drying out your hair, and ineffective conditioning treatments.

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There are many ways to treat your hair and get rid of that frizz at home.

First of all, try changing your shampoo to one that contains glycerine. Shampoos that have sulfate aren’t great for your hair and should be avoided where possible. Look for a shampoo that has glycerin high up on the ingredients list (this means that there’s more of it in there).

What we recommend; (you can also purchase this at our salon)

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Don’t skip your conditioning routine, but make sure it’s right for your hair. Have a chat to one of our salon experts on your next visit and tell us about your conditioning routine. We might be able to give you an idea or two that will help you take away your frizz when you’re not being treated by us at aer.

If you have fine hair, you should be using a lightweight conditioner, whereas, with thick hair, you’ll need a richer formula. Try to use a conditioning treatment mask for your hair at least once a week, as well.


Brush your hair regularly. This will help distribute the natural oils that occur in your hair and help it protect itself. What you’re trying to do is get the oils from the scalp/root area to the rest of your head, so you might want to try brushing your hair with your head upside-down if you have a lot of hair. To do this effectively, use a mixed bristle brush or a boar bristle brush.

You could also keep a dry conditioning spray on you for touch-ups during the day. It’s England, after all, and the weather has no clear setting. Dry conditioning spray is easy to use no matter where you are, and it can help return your hair to where it was before the rain or humidity hit you.

What we recommend; (you can also purchase this at our salon)

dry conditioner for frizzy hair

What can we do for you at our salon? Well, at Aer Hair Salon, we specialise in combining blow drying with various anti-frizz products. Blow drying for frizzy hair might seem counterproductive, but we assure you that our salon experts know exactly what they’re doing.

from frizz to shine

With the right combination of products and a blow dry service done by our experts’ Stylists, you’ll be walking out of our salon with fabulous shiny hair and no frizz to deal with.

We’ll also be able to provide some guidance on how you can keep treating your hair and what might be causing your frizz. Come in and chat with us at your next appointment.

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