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How to prevent your hair from tangling

When it comes to your hair, no-one wants to look like they have been dragged through a hedge backwards. Sleek, shiny and soft hair is something that we all aim for, but despite our best efforts, sometimes our hair can get a little on the tangled side.

So, how can you try and prevent this? Are there things that you can do to make sure that your hair is a little less tangled and a little more luxurious.

Always give the ends a good condition

Conditioning your hair is a key part of the washing process. Whilst shampoo will make sure that your hair is clean, conditioner is what it needs to get it tangle free and sleek. It is vital that you focus on the ends of your hair, ensuring that they receive a healthy dose of conditioner and that they are properly nourished.

Never forget to brush your hair before bed

Wake up in the morning only to find that your hair resembles a bird’s nest? Well, this is a sure sign that you need to make an effort to give your hair a good brush before bed. Pop your hairbrush next to skin cream or perhaps your toothbrush to serve as a reminder that you need to give your hair a once over every night.

Try to avoid hair products that are packed with chemicals

It might sound obvious, but chemicals are really bad for your hair. Unfortunately, many products that you can buy to try and tame your hair, will be packed full of chemicals. Using these products every day can cause damage to your hair and damaged hair is hair that ends up looking tangled and, well, a mess.

Stop dying your hair so much

Who doesn’t love having a fresh new hair colour? Many of you do, which leads you to dye your hair on a frequent basis. The trouble with hair dye is that it really dries out your hair and this dry hair is much more likely to become tangled. If you can, the main aim should be to dye your hair around 3 times a year, as this will help to keep your hair in the very best condition possible.

Arrange a trim every 3 months

Long hair is something that plenty of you crave, however, even if you are trying to grow out your locks you really do need to keep on top of having it trimmed. Hair needs cutting around every 3 months max, otherwise, you will find that the split ends make an appearance and this will not only leave your hair feeling tangled, but also will remove some of the bounce from it too.

Want to give your hair a sleek and stylish boost? If you do, then why not book in for a treatment with us here at Aer Hair Salon? With so many different services on offer, with our help, you can make sure that your hair looks the very best that it can.