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How to pick the best blow dry bar in London for your personal style

London is awash with places to go, new food to try, sights to see that you might have never seen, and places to go that you’ve wouldn’t have thought to go before. All of this is tied up in England’s busiest streets, filled with people going about their day. But have you ever clocked someone with beachy curls even in the middle of winter? Or that salon-fresh style that turns your head?

These individuals are reaping the benefits of London-based blow dry bars, a popular and specific type of salon that could be right up your alley. Of course, it is London, and there are so many salons and blow dry bars to choose from that you might find it a little overwhelming. We’re here to help you figure out what you should be looking for.

What to look for in a London-based blow dry bar

Blow dry bars have become very popular for people who want their hair washed and dried by professionals while being offered amazing service. You may be wondering what to look for in a London-based blow dry bar, well, let us help:

Excellent customer service is one of the most important things in any store or establishment that offers personalised services. With blow dry bars, you should be looking for a place with the satisfied smiles of customers who have been looked after and look great after their visit. Customer service starts when you first walk through their door and shouldn’t end until after your appointment is completely finished.

A blow dry bar should cater to your own personal style while being able to advise you if a look would or wouldn’t work for you. Blow dry bars are the perfect solution when you’re looking for a salon to use before a special occasion. They can make you feel proper pampered and comfortable with any style changes.

Any salon or blow dry bar worth its reviews can pull off any hairstyle, no matter how fiddley or complex. Their team should be full of professional stylists ready to handle your requests and get you ready for a special or fun day. From classy bouncy blow dries with rollers or brushes to edgy short pixie looks, London blow dry bars have you covered.

Stylists at blow dry bars should use modern techniques to help promote healthy hair. You should also be able to ask for tips to keep your hair healthy and full of life, even going as far as to ask for product recommendations.

But that’s still not enough. The salon atmosphere should be friendly and relaxed at all times. You should be able to sink into your seat feeling as chilled out as possible while chatting with your stylists about the day ahead.

Finally, check their reviews to see if the business is recommended, and have a chat with their team over the phone or on social media. We’re in an aging technology; a good salon can definitely keep up.

If you haven’t tried our Blow dry bar based in South Kensington we highly suggest to do so, we promise we will take care of you!


  • Long lasting blow dries
  • Professional Expertise
  • Many Beauty Treatments under one roof
  • Luxurious Hair Treatments
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Comfortable place
  • Bubbles
  • And so on…

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