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How to choose the perfect hairstyle for your face shape

The shape of your face matters when it comes to choosing a hairstyle.

Some styles will be far more suited to your face than others, so if you do want to turn heads it’s a good idea to research styles that will be a good match for your individual facial features. Many hair stylists say that the best hairstyles are those that create the illusion of an oval-shaped face. Other factors which can determine what the right style for you include the texture of your hair, your lifestyle and your body shape.

Read on to find out more about choosing the perfect style for your face shape

Women Face shapes

The different face shapes of women

Everyone has an individual look but broadly speaking there are seven key face shapes, namely:

  • Round
  • Diamond
  • Triangle
  • Heart-shape
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Oblong

What’s your face shape?

It’s extremely wise to find out what your face shape is before you book an appointment so you have a good idea of what to request from your stylist. You can find out your face shape by measuring the widths of your jawline, cheekbones and brow with a ruler and identifying the length of your face from the chin up to the forehead.

what is my face shape

Who shares your face shape?

If the hairstyle you are interested in is not a suitable match for your face, don’t worry – there are all sorts of different styles you can opt for instead. Those that are unable to determine their face shapes themselves often seek advice from stylists, who can identify their shape and even name famous figures with similar features. Once you finally know what your face shape is, you can look for pictures of celebrities with the same face shape and find inspiration for new hairstyles that way.

There are basic rules, which will ensure a flattering style for everyone:

Those with oval-shaped faces tend to look fine with any sort of haircut, whilst people with heart-shaped faces often opt for bangs or volume around the sides, drawing attention to the cheekbones and eyes. If you have long face, you may wish to opt for a high-volume cut, bangs or a shorter style. Round faces are complimented well by haircuts that end below the chin, whilst those with square faces can choose haircuts involving curls to soften the appearance of strong jaws. Bangs tend to look fantastic on virtually all face shapes and can take years off your appearance whilst sending attention to the eyes.

hairstyles for my face shape

Face shape Creating a flattering style in details:

  • Round: The main aim is to elongate the face so that it looks more narrow and elegant.
    Add height to the crown but keep style close to sides of head; geometric or squared bobs with longer fringes are good, as long as the length is shorter or longer than chin line.
    Avoid curly perms, flat styles and ponytails.


  • Diamond: Hair should have volume and width at temples. They look best with a half fringe.
    Styles should taper in and layer on to face at the jawline.
    Avoid width at cheekbones.


  • Triangle/ Heart shape: The most flattering styles for both of these shapes are medium length, shaggy straight styles with a half fringe; flicks or curls at jaw line help to balance overall shape.
    Avoid height and tightly pulled back styles.


  • Oval: Regarded as the perfect face shape, they can usually wear most styles well.
    Avoid heavy, block fringes, which broaden forehead.


  • Square: Use soft layers, waves and textured layers, brushed on to face with feathered fringe to soften features and shape.
    Avoid one length bobs and blunt angular cuts.


  • Oblong: This shape requires a style that balances and shortens the face; to achieve this, hairstyles should end at the chin. Layered, curly or scrunched styles add width and softness. Should always wear fringe to reduce length.
    Avoid very flat or severe brushed back styles and ponytails.


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