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How to deal with greasy hair

Ho to deal with Greasy Hair

Do you constantly wash your hair, use specific shampoos, but always end up with greasy hair after a day? If you feel like you are going crazy and there is no other way than to wash your hair every day, you are in the right place! In this article, we will suggest to you how to solve the problem of oily and greasy hair! Thanks to the sebaceous glands that are on the scalp, in normal situations sebum is produced which is able to perform a protective action with respect to external aggressions: however stressful situations, hormonal variations and wrong diet can lead to imbalances. When excess sebum occurs, the hair is flat, shiny and greasy. Washing your hair too often does not help, especially when wrong products are used. Here are the effective remedies for a new “hair” routine capable of restoring beauty and lightness to your hair.

Cleaning your Scalp

The shampoo is often thought to be sufficient to properly cleanse the scalp, but this is not the case, especially if you notice greasy hair after a day. In fact, on the scalp, especially if in the presence of a lot of hair, styling residues, excess sebum, dust or dead cells tend to accumulate, difficult to remove only with shampoo and which, over time, tend to suffocate the scalp worsening the situation. For this reason, it is important to start using a deeper scalp cleaning, able to smooth and refresh the skin. To do this, just look for peeling or exfoliating shampoo. Use the right shampoo

Use the right Shampoo

Promising advertisements can draw attention to products that don’t really help solve the problem. To help hair health, look for a shampoo for frequent use in pharmacies or in natural products stores or also in salons, the shampoo you are looking for is not very foaming and is also useful for those who go to the gym or does fitness because it can be used every day.

Reduce quantities!

According to the studies on average, we use excessive quantities of shampoo, with the risk of weighing down the hair and causing damage to the scalp. To decide the right amount of product, of course, it is important to consider case by case: the equivalent of a walnut can be enough for medium lengths. Soaping the head completely with large quantities of foam is a very nice look… but … it is not good and, moreover, it worsens the problem of greasy hair.

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How to wash the hair

No rushing! To wash hair well using the right amount of shampoo, the technique is essential. Massage the scalp with slow, circular movements. Do not forget the area of ​​the neck and ears, then act from the head to the tips. Finally, rinse with abundant water so as to eliminate all traces of shampoo. Although it is a common habit, it is preferable to avoid a second wash: one will be more than enough. Hair stylist chelsea

Let the experts deal with the style

When having naturally greasy hair is recommended to let an experienced hair stylist doing your hair as they they know how to properly style your hair without exaggerating with the blow dryer obtaining a great style for your hair that will last at least 3 days. You can book an appointment at our Hair Salon in London.