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Halloween hair Ideas

Halloween Hair and Nail Ideas 2018

Halloween is almost here and we have to say that we are pretty excited. Not only does it mean that there are going to be tons of sweets lying around, but we also get to have some fun and dress up. The trouble is, not everyone wants to go down the usual route when it comes to costumes, so what can they do?

To help give you the most amazing look this Halloween, we have put together our guide to some of the very best Halloween hair and nail ideas for 2018.

Halloween hair ideas

So, when it comes to planning an outfit for Halloween, there is a good chance that you are going to forget about your hair. However, your hairstyle can really make or break a Halloween outfit, as well as this, it can also help to give you a spooky look, without having to go to the effort of designing an entire outfit.

But where do you start with Halloween hair? To give you some inspiration we have put together a variety of Halloween ideas that you can try out for yourself.

If you are feeling creative, not to mention if you have hair that is light enough to take on a dye, then a pumpkin bun is a great option for you to consider. Not only is it easy to do, but it is perfect for any Halloween party too. All you need to do is bring your hair up into a ballerina bun (using a doughnut if needed) before spraying it a nice bright orange.

For those who are particularly crafty, you could take it one step further and make a leaf-like hairpiece, which will definitely add to the illusion.

Another great bun based Halloween hairstyle that we love is a spider style bun. This works much the same as the pumpkin hair, but instead of painting orange, you can paint it black (if you dare) before adding in some pipe cleaner legs. You could even take this one step further and add some googly eyes if you want to make it cute rather than out and out scary.

For those who may be opting for a fun Halloween costume, such as a doll or something similar, then a hair bow is a great option.

These can be hard to master, however, the effort really is worth it in the end and a hair bow can look amazing, as well as really add into an outfit, even one that is relatively plain and uninteresting.

More Halloween Hair Ideas:


Halloween nail ideas

When you are planning an outfit for an event or for a party, then chances are that you will always take the time to think about your nails. However, the same isn’t usually true when it comes to Halloweens outfits.

However, it is important to remember that if you really want to perfectly finish off your Halloween outfit, then you might need to consider some Halloween themed nail art. There are a variety of designs and decorations you can use to create Halloween-esque nails, so if you are looking for inspiration then you might not want to look any further than our assortment of Halloween Nail Ideas.

You can keep things simple with an orange and black colour scheme, which might be more basic than other approaches, but we can assure you, when it is finished, you will be really pleased with the results.

If you are feeling a skeleton vibe, then you may find that a sparkly skeleton nail design is just what your nails need. Especially if you are dressing up as a skeleton for trick or treating or as a part of your Halloween costume.

For those who are not sure what they are dressing up as, or whether they are dressing up at all, and want to create a Halloween esque look that they love, then Ombre nails might be a great idea. You need to work with relatively dark colours if you want to really make sure that your nails look spooky enough, however, a dark red and a purple, or even black are going to work really well together.

A truly creative look for Halloween nails is nails with stitches, the best way to create this look is to use a light base colour which can then be topped with a glitter top and some Frankenstein like stitches next to your cuticles. We really like the fact that these nails are pretty, but that they are still in keeping with the rest of Halloween style. Perfect for a party or for a night out.

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