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Hair inspo for a black tie event

When you are attending a black tie or formal event, you are going to want to make sure that you look your best. The dress is going to need to be on point, as will the make-up and to go along with both of these things you also need to think about your hair.

So, how can you make sure that your hair looks amazing? Why not check out our top hair inspo for a black tie event and see if you can find your ultimate hairdo?

Black Tie & Wedding Guest Hairstyles at Aer Salons, London

Hair Salon London for Black tie Hairstyles and Updos

Amid the bustling streets and iconic landmarks of London, there lies an art form that never goes unnoticed – the impeccable grooming standard set by the city’s elite. From the sophisticated black tie events to the charming London weddings, ensuring every detail is perfect is a must. And what better way to complete a look than with a hairstyle crafted with precision? At Aer Salons, we bring you the pinnacle of elegance through our tailored black tie and wedding guest hairstyles.

  • The Essence of Black Tie Hairstyles in London

Black tie events are synonymous with luxury, sophistication, and timeless appeal. It’s no mere gathering; it’s an experience, and every gentleman’s hair should reflect that essence.

  1. Classic Slick Back: A sleek, gelled back look never goes out of fashion. It oozes confidence and pairs perfectly with a sharp tuxedo.
  2. Side Parting with Volume: This adds a modern twist to a classic style. Perfect for those wanting a bit more texture and depth, without compromising the elegance.
  3. Tapered Cuts with Gentle Waves: A contemporary choice for the modern Londoner. The soft waves offer a touch of casual flair to the otherwise strict black tie attire.
Black Tie Hair London Salon

  • Charming Wedding Guest Hairstyles at Aer Salons

A wedding in London is nothing short of a fairytale. As guests, it’s only fitting to look the part and complement the celebratory ambiance.

  1. The Loose Pompadour: This style offers volume and character, making it a perfect choice for daytime or outdoor weddings. It’s relaxed yet sophisticated.
  2. Textured Quiff: A style that balances formality with a dash of playfulness. It’s ideal for those looking to make a statement.
  3. Soft Curls & Waves: For those blessed with naturally curly hair, a bit of definition and structure can create an effortlessly graceful wedding look.

Why Choose Aer Salons for Your Next Event Hairstyle?

Bespoke Experience: At Aer Salons, every hairstyle is crafted after a thorough consultation, ensuring your look resonates with your personality and the event’s essence.

Skilled Craftsmanship: Our stylists stay updated with London’s ever-evolving trends, making sure you get a blend of timelessness and contemporary flair.

Luxurious Setting: Our salon’s ambience is designed to offer a tranquil escape right in the heart of London. It’s not just a haircut; it’s an experience.

Black Tie Hairstyles To Book at our London Salon

Whether you’re attending an upscale black tie event or celebrating love at a London wedding, Aer Salons ensures your hair is nothing short of perfection. Dive into the world of elite grooming and let your hair do the talking.

The half-up, half-down bump

A half-up and half-down hairstyle might not be the most exciting to rock for a formal black-tie event, however, we believe that you can really vamp it up with a bit of volume. In order to create this style, you need to bring together half of your hair in the normal half-up style, before paying attention to the crown, teasing it so that it creates almost a mini beehive effect, before adding some curl to the hair that is still down.

Rock it down and straight

Whilst a black tie event hairstyle will often be an updo, that doesn’t mean that these are the only hairstyles that you have to choose from. Sometimes, the ideal hairstyle is a simple and sleek style. If you are looking for a simple hairstyle, then why not opt for a blow dry for your hair? This will make sure that your hair looks beautiful, but that it is not too fussy either.

Give the simple ponytail a revamp

You might not think that a ponytail really screams out black tie event, however, there are ways that you can transform and revamp a simple ponytail into something that looks a whole lot classier. The thing to remember with a ponytail is that you need to inject volume into it, we highly recommend curling it before you pop it up as this will instantly add volume, another tip is to tease the crown and this will help with volume too.

Make an entrance with glamorous waves

There is a reason why you often see celebrities walking the red carpet rocking glamorous waves. They are not only simple, but they are beautiful and elegant too. The easiest way to create these large and loose waves is to use hot rollers on dry hair, not only are they easy to use, but they give you the most perfect look at the end of it. The trick with these waves is that you should never rush them and you should treat them with care. It also looks great if, when they are set, you bring them around to one side to frame your face.

A less than messy, messy bun

A messy bun might sound too casual for a black tie event, but the great thing about messy buns is that they actually work for formal events as well as heading to the shops. The trick is the amount of attention and volume that you add into the hairstyle, this will transform the style. If you are lacking volume in your hair then we recommend that you curl your hair before you tackle this hairstyle, it is also going to make sense that you use a foam ring (or donut) in your hair as this will help form the bun.

Another top tip for adding to this particular style is to wrap around the base of the bun with something sparkly as this will up the glamour.

The classic low chignon

If Kate Middleton wears a hairstyle then chances are that it will become popular, thankfully, she seems to be more than happy to be seen with simple hairstyles that you can recreate at home. We love seeing her with a low chignon, a style that sits just on the nape of her neck. Not only is this particular style elegant and beautiful, but it is also easy to do yourself at home, you are just going to need to make sure that you have plenty of bobby pins to hand in order to secure this.

Be the queen with a crown of braids

There is nothing to say that you cannot rock a cute look for a formal event. Particularly if it is a beautiful crown of braids. A hugely Heidi-esque hairstyle, to create this you are going to need to braid either side of your hair before bringing it over the top of your head and pinned down the other side. This will create a cute little crown style which is textured and is going to look beautiful, particularly if you team it with some dramatic and detailed earrings.

Step straight off of the Paris runway with a French twist

Another elegant and simple hair do is to have a French twist. These twisted hairstyles will ensure that your hair has texture, but it will also help you to ensure that it is off of your face, ideal if you plan to do some dancing. A top up with this particular hairstyle is to ensure that you bring a small can of hairspray in your bag as there is a good chance that throughout the evening you may have some strands come loose.

A black-tie event calls for a special hairstyle, of course, if you feel prepared to do it, then you can try to tackle it at home yourself, however, if you are worried that things are not going to work out as they look on Pinterest, then perhaps you should think about asking for expert help.

Expertise Beyond Special Events: While we pride ourselves on perfecting event hairstyles, our expertise isn’t limited to just that. Discover the intricate art behind the everyday elegance with our men’s haircut in London, where we delve deeper into the trends, techniques, and transformations that set Aer Salons apart.

Here at Aer Hair Salon in London, we are able to provide you with a blow dry and up-do service that is hard to beat. Dedicated to making sure that your hair looks beautiful, we will help you to create those styles that you dream of.