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Eyebrow tinting

As you may know, in addition to blowdries we offer a range of beauty treatments at our London blow dry bar.  This week we wanted to share the benefits of one of our popular services, eyebrow tinting.   Bored of penciling in your brows, want more definition to your face?  Eyebrow tinting at our blow dry bar Kensington store is just what you need!


Treatment area at our London blow dry bar

What are the benefits of eyebrow tinting? 

If you are fair or have fine brows then an eyebrow tint can help to enhance your brows, add thickness and frame your face better.

If you’ve over plucked your brows in the past and they are now uneven or in need of some thickness, a tint can help create a fuller illusion.


If you’ve noticed discolouration to your brows (as we get older our brow hairs can change colour) a tint would be perfect to conceal these.

Always on the go? If you haven’t got much time to pencil in your brows every day and want a quick solution, tinting is the answer!  Save time in the mornings and avoid the risk of smudging your penciled-in brows throughout the day by getting a professional eyebrow tint.

Lastly, if you just want more definition, colour and structure to your brows tinting is the way to go!  Even if you have dark brows, an eyebrow tint can pick up on hairs you didn’t realise you even had! Enhance your facial features and add volume to your brows.

How does the treatment work? 

This treatment is quick and painless.  Using a semi-permanent vegetable-dye the tint lasts for 3-4 weeks.



Eyebrow Queen Cara Deleveigne


Emma Watson


Emilia Clarke


Mila Kunis

Images from Pinterest.

At our blow dry London bar we offer a package for 6 eyebrow tints for £48 or an individual eyebrow tint is £12. You can also book an eyebrow tint in conjunction with an eyelash tint for £23.  For more info and to book click here.