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How to maintain healthy hair

Easy Steps to maintain healthy hair

It can be worrying to think about it, we know… but as you get older, your hair can quickly become lifeless and brittle. But it doesn’t need to be that way! There are several simple ways that you can help protect and nourish your hair while you’re aging, helping to keep it vibrant, even after 60.

“Hair is an important aspect of our appearance”

It is natural and is determined at the time of birth. It generates from the number of roots in the scalp. Each hair grows up to a certain length and then stops naturally. It even sheds down at some point. New hair shaft replaces the lost hair and they need to be taken care of.

human hair close up

Hair is a key part in our personal presentation, and excessive use of bleaches, tints, poor nutrition or violent exposure to the sun can cause a loss of their luster and the appearance of double Spikes, which will make your hair look dry, fragile and ill-treated.

So here are some basic tips you should know to maintain your hair healthily

Heat protector

Using heat protector on your hair is the least you should be doing to promote hair health in later years. Anyone who has used heat to style their hair in the past knows how damaging heat can be to hair. Straighteners, curlers, even blow dryers can damage our hair if we don’t protect it first.

The most common form of a heat protection is heat protection spray, balm or cream. Your stylist will apply heat protection spray to your hair before any high levels of heat encounter it. By doing this, they are adding an extra layer of protection to your hair.

“Heat protector” we use most for our lovely clients

Hair Masks

Hair masks can help add moisture back into dry or damaged hair. This makes them a great product to use often to assist your hair while it’s trying to combat the day-to-day stress that it’s put under. To benefit from hair masks, it’s recommended that you use them once a week; alongside other protection treatments and your usual hair care routine.

best hair masks

Which hair mask you should use depends on your hair type. Consider the type of hair you have, the colour, the thickness, and what type of damage you’re trying to help it recover from. For dull hair, you’ll be trying to add shine, damaged hair needs nourishing, and dry hair needs to be hydrated.

It’s always best to go to a salon for professional advice, the most up-to-date products, and to see how a hair mask is properly applied for the best kind of effectiveness.

Balanced Diet

It is highly recommended that a daily diet should be balanced with the adequate amount of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals to maintain healthy hair and do not forget to drink lots of water.

Natural Hair Care

how to maintain healthy hair

Brushing your hair regularly to stimulate the scalp will keep it looking healthy and lustrous.  A warm oil scalp massage two times a week will help stimulate and moisturise the scalp. Healthy hair is a blessing, so try to treat your hair in the right way for lustrous and healthy looking hair.

Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair: Olaplex treatments

Lastly, there’s OLAPLEX™. Olaplex is the newest hair technology that can be used to repair damaged, brittle, dry or colour-treated hair. It’s more than a conditioning treatment, it’s a product that can permanently heal your hair from chemical damage.

Olaplex treatment

Olaplex can help you rebuild the strength of your hair; perfect for those that suffer from hair which breaks easily, while also fixing damage from years of colouration treatments, which can seriously affect the health of your hair.

Olaplex is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, and is not tested on animals. Its formula allows the product to seek out broken bonds of the hair that have been damaged.

What Aer Hair Salon can offer you

At Aer, we can offer a range of hair treatments for any hair types. We know that hair needs to be treated carefully, especially when styling using heat or blow drying, so we only use products that we’d be happy to recommend.

Our Olaplex treatments are a cost-effective way to reverse the damage done to your hair over the years, no matter how badly damaged you think your hair might be. Pop into our blow dry bar, or give us a call, and we’ll break down what we can do for you.

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