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Bridal Hair Top Picks

Whether your Winter wedding is fast approaching or you’re looking ahead to next Spring-Summer, we’re sharing our top picks for that all important bridal hair style!


Boho Bride

Barefoot on the beach, surrounded by tepees in the forest or wherever your bohemian location will be, this style is all about keeping it natural and free spirited.  Long loose locks are perfect for sporting this trend, however the relaxed nature of the style means that anything goes!

Floral headdresses and wreaths are the ideal hair accessory or flowers intertwined throughout the hair are another go to.  Nothing is too structured with soft waves and loose braids!

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Romantic Bride

Soft pinks, lilacs and creams with pretty braids are all about romantic hair.  The styles are subtle complimenting this whimsical look adorned with flowers or sparkles.

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City Bride

Ballernina style buns with key accessories are all about the city look.  Embellishment adds to the city feel with diamonds enhancing the style.  Hair is slick with fabulous accessories – who could forget Carrie’s bird headpiece in Sex and the City?!

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Classic Bride

Sometimes simple is best and going back to basics with bridal hair can be the most elegant.  Beautiful chignon buns with a stunning hair accessory and veiling at the back can be the best way to work this classic style!

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Images credit: Pinterest 

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This braided style intertwined with fresh flowers when You & Your Wedding magazine visited us in our Kensington store is just one of numerous styles we can create.  Check out our blog post on fresh floral upstyles here.


Image credit: Instagram @aersalons