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Halloween hairstyles London

Blow dries and Hairstyles inspiration for Halloween 

The most Spooktacular day of the year is fast approaching and no I’ am not talking about the day Brexit is supposed to happen! It does fall on the same day but Halloween is the annual event we should all be looking forward to.

Halloween is a great time of year to experiment with more unusual and creative hairstyles and of course, if you are dressing up this year for a Halloween party your hair will need to look the part, won’t it?

So, let’s look at some ideas for Halloween hairstyles.

Crown Braids 

This isn’t the most obverse choice for a Halloween hairstyle but let’s be honest Halloween isn’t always about looking like a ghoul or monster is it? These days plenty of people go for a more heroic costume when it comes to Halloween parties.

The classic crown braids are perfect for women wanting something to suit a classic fairy-tale princesses look. However, if you want something with a darker edge it can always be adaptive into a monster-princess look. A charming and unusual choice crown braids can work very well for all manner of Halloween ideas.



Glamourous Voluminous Curls  

Now, this is a hairstyle you can rock for Halloween and beyond! The classic 80’s inspired curls hairstyle is ideal for all kinds of costumes a more glamourous witch, Rockstar and plenty of famous villains from TV and movies have rocked curls. Why settle for a cheap curly wig when you can transform your hair and do it the right way instead?   

Beach Wave Blow Dry 

We are specialists when it comes to stylish blow dry hairstyles and while this style might not seem overly suitable for a Halloween you might be surprised by how effective this look can be. This classic style is full of big bold loose waves and bends. So, you can enjoy it after Halloween as well!

But to fully showcase this hairstyle for Halloween I would suggest going for either a mystical mermaid look, you can even use accessories like shells to make things a little more nautical. Or dampen the hair a touch with a spray bottle and try and drowned zombie look. Whether you want glamorous or ghoulish this hair will do the job.

High Pigtails 

With the popularity of characters like DC’s Harley Quinn, this is sure to be a popular look around Halloween. Now making your own high pigtails can usually be accomplished but if you want your hairstyle to look good and last you should get it done by a professional.

Blow drying your hair for pigtails is one of the best ways to prepare your hair and there are plenty of ways the hair can be customised to make it more unique. From adding small additions to the hair to using temporary dyes and much more.

Messy Curls 

This is a similar style to the voluminous curls I talked about earlier but with a messier more out of control look to it. Think Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter and you’ll get the idea of what this style is all about.

Smaller curls will frame your face and meet in a higher bun at the top of your head. It’s a messy but charming look and one that is perfect for Halloween parties and events although if you want to wear it while you are out and about you certainly can.

Medusa Hair

The classic Medusa hairstyle is a look that can be employed in a number of ways but one the best ways to rock this hairstyle is by using some long tight braids. The braids can be used to fashion a high-bun around your head and then you can decorate it using some plastic snakes.

If you want something longer and a bit more flowing a classic blow-dry can help. If you have long hair a stylish blow dry will help give it more volume then all you need to do is use some snake accessories to give you hair that classic medusa charm.

Alien Hair

Why not try something a little more out of this world and intergalactic? A sci-fi inspired hairstyle can be great for Halloween and beyond and is perfect for the woman not afraid to try something new! An alien inspired hair cut is something that can be done in many ways but let’s look at a few of our favourites.

If you want an intergalactic royalty look why not some Princess Leia inspired buns? In fact, buns can be adapted to fit all kinds of alien-inspired looks. If you have short hair then a bold bob can be a very sci-fi inspired look especially in a more unusual colour as well.  

So, that is just a few ideas for Halloween inspired hairstyles. Remember you can always mix and match ideas as well, don’t be afraid to be bold and creative. Halloween is a great time to leave your comfort zone and try something new.