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5 Trendy Hair Styles to try this Spring

Here at aer Blowdry Bar, we are experts in all things hair. We work hard to discover the latest Hair Styles Trends to bring to our variety of clients. Spring is an ideal time to try out something new when it comes to your hair.

So, with this in mind, we have put together our guide to the 5 Amazing and Trendy Hair Styles to try out for yourself this Spring.

  • Take down those ringlets with brushed out curls

Whilst plenty of people love the idea of having pretty ringlets in their hair, it seems that the trend for curls this Spring is to actually brush out those curls. Brushing them out girls can achieve a soft, romantic look that brings a whole new dimension to curls. However, just beware of the frizz and make sure that you have some product to work through to keep them looking pretty.

  • The Cool Wavy Lob 

It doesn’t matter whether you have long or short hair, this style suits every type! Part your hair deep onto a side and stand out with those awesome looking glossy curls! Create a fashion statement and showcase your style with pride and confidence!

  • Opt for a dirty blonde do

Lighter is better when it comes to hair colour this Spring, with plenty of A-listers going for dirty blonde as their colour of choice. We like to think about dirty blonde as a warm golden blonde instead of warm roots and long luscious colour flowing through it. Not only is dirty blonde a great colour for a number of skin types, but best of all, it is much easier to keep up with than the old trend of platinum.


  • Take it back to the good old days with schoolgirl plaits

Do you remember those days when you would run out of school with messy undone plaits? Well, get ready to step back in time with this seasons plait approach. Gone are the neat and tidy plaits that we all favoured last season and instead things are lose and a little bit untidy, ideal if you are not a pro at styling your hair.

  • The bob is here to stay and this time it comes with a bang

The bob is a hairstyle that really doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, which we have to say we are more than just a little happy about. The one main difference that the bob of this season boasts is a fringe. Fringes are the ideal way to add texture to this particular hairstyle, you can go choppy, light, heavy or swept to the side, whichever you think will suit your face better.

More Trendy Styles…

  • Rock the granny look with headscarves 😉

Granny chic is always making a comeback and it seems that for Spring 2018 it is going to be a hairstyle. Plenty of the SS18 runways boasted a whole lot of printed silk headscarves and we have to say that we are big fans of this look with a low chignon that bounces at the crown. The best thing about headscarves is that they help you to cover any bad hair days or greasy hair days too.

  • Angular blunt Bob

This looks amazing if you have straight hair. Blunt is the trend today, this hairstyle looks simple however it is appealing and very eye-catching. 

Fancy a new hairstyle and not sure where to start?

Why not book in to see us at our blow dry bar in London? We know exactly what it takes to make sure that you have the perfect hairstyle possible, and will help you to feel as fresh and new as a newborn lamb. Just without all the frizz!

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