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3 Sure Signs It’s Time To Find A New Hair Salon In London

Blow dry bars are often confused with hair salons and while there is some crossover and you might find an establishment that offers the services of both there are some big differences between the two. So, what is a blow dry bar and why might you need to find a new one?

A blow dry bar is a salon in many respects but it focuses on providing blowout services this generally includes styling, blow drying and washing. You won’t find services like cutting and colouring at every blow dry bar although there are some similar services. There will often be services like massages and manicures though.

The main reason people go to blow dry bars is for a relaxing experience and to get their hair blown out. A hair blowout will help lock your hair into your desired look and style making it look more stylish, healthy and full.

It might seem like a simple treatment when you are watching it get done but it requires a skilled professional to get it right. When you pay for the service you want your hair to look and feel amazing don’t you? But there is certainly a big scale when it comes to a high-quality blowout and a poor one.

Let’s look at some signs that might mean you need to find a new blow dry bar if you haven’t been happy with your blowout results so far.

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The Blowout Isn’t Holding For Long

One of the most common warning signs that you need to find a new blow dry bar is the fact that your blowout doesn’t hold for long. No one wants to pay to have a blowout only for the results to disappear within a few hours, do they?

Exactly how long a blowout will last will vary depending on the style you want and what you actually do after it’s done. But on average your desired style should last for around 3 – 5 days if your blowout is losing its lustre after a few hours then it wasn’t done very well so you should try to find a new blowout bar to get it done properly.

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The Blowout Process Is Uncomfortable

One of the reasons blowouts are so popular is because the process of getting them done is designed to be a relaxing experience all about making you happy and feel more beautiful. There are various ways a blowout can be achieved and any good blow dry bar should provide a range of different techniques.

But if your experience getting a blowout feels rushed and uncomfortable then you should start looking for another blow dry bar to go to.

A blowout shouldn’t be rushed as it involves a lot of prep work aimed to help you relax and enjoy the experience. So, if you find yourself dreading the process then you should start looking for another blow dry bar.

You Can’t Get Your Desired Look With A Blow Out

Blowouts are designed to let you enjoy your desired hairstyle for longer and you can get various unique styles from modern urban hairstyles to old Hollywood glamour looks.

A good stylist will be able to help you get your desired look using a blowout but as I said earlier there is a lot of skill involved in how effective the blowout treatment will be.

So, if your current blow dry stylish is struggling to get you the hairstyle you want then it is time to find another establishment that can. Blowouts can be expensive (especially more high-end luxurious treatments) so you will want to ensure a trained and experienced stylist is carrying out the service.

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Is It Time To Find Another Hair Salon?

So, have you seen any of these signs when you go to your blow-dry bar for a blowout? If so don’t worry because getting your hair back to its best is much easier than you might think. There are plenty of places in London to get your hair styled with a professional blowout.

A blow dry bar is not your average salon it offers a more unique and professional service and if you want to give your hair the treatment it deserves you should visit the Aer Hair Salon in London. Aer has appeared in Vogue, Tatler, Elle, Hello and more so you can ensure high-quality.

You can get fantastic treatments from specialised AER blow dry services for all kinds of hair, massage treatments, threading, tinting, manicures and much more. So, if you are looking for the best hair salon book a visit to AER today!