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1940’s Theme Party Hair Inspiration

1940’s Theme Party Hair Inspiration

The 1940s has a style and fashion all of its own and many people look back at these retro-styles fondly.

Whether you want to turn back the clock and try something a little more old school or are having a 1940’s themed throwback party a classic hairstyle is a must.

The 1940s had its own unique fashion trends but it’s the hairstyles we most remember and there are some simply fabulous old-school hairstyles women will still be sure to love.

But where should you start if you feel like going back in time for a classic 1940’s hairdo? Well let’s look at some of the best 1940’s looks, shall we?

The Victory Rolls

The classic double victory roll hairstyle will look great at any event and it fully captures the spirit of the latter end of the 1940s. This look is said to encapsulate the stronger enthusiasm people had after the end of the second world war.

1940s hairstyle victory rolls

It’s also a look many famous actresses had at the time and a stylish yet deceptively minimalistic look. However, while this hairstyle might look simple actually doing it will require professional assistance to fully get right. So, if you want to try out this timeless hairstyle get in touch with our team today.

The 1940’s Pompadours

The 1940’s pompadour fully captures the attitudes towards wavy hair at the time. If a woman had a fringe it was almost always kept away from the front of the face and the hairstyle of the choice for doing this was the pompadour.

1040s hairstyle The 1940’s Pompadours

A 1940’s pompadour can be done in a variety of ways but the classic look was to stand the hair high up on the forehead. Wavy styles where popular but there was also some more smoother pompadour looks as well. It’s a versatile style sure to look good at any 1940’s style event.

The Omelet Fold

Now, this is one of those more unique 1940’s hairstyles that you don’t see around much today. So, if you want to rock something a little different but also want a hairstyle that fully captures the 1940’s then this a great choice.

The Omelet Fold 40s hairstyle

This hairstyle as a parting down the middle and each sided is rolled up and pinned back. It is beautifully retro and was best known for being the hairstyle of choice for actress Gene Tierney. A retro classic that will be sure to stand out it’s a great option for 1940’s events of any kind.

Pin Curls

The pin curl hairdo might look simple but it takes precision and patience to get just right. Pin curls are delicately placed around the top of your head into a flowing bun hairstyle. It looks beautifully elegant and was a popular style for formal events during the 1940s.

Pin Curls 40s hairstyle

In fact, while this hairdo is undoubtedly retro it is still something that can be worn for formal events these days as well. But whether it is for dinner out with friends or family or for a 1940’s style party this pin curls hairstyle is an elegant charming style woman can still enjoy today.

The 1940’s Curled Bob

This classic 1940’s look was famous because of actress Ava Gardner and was a popular choice for women with medium and long hair. Soft and wavy this elegant style takes some time to prepare as it requires hot rollers to fully get right.

The 1940’s Curled Bob

Once the rollers are cooled and removed the hair can be styled into this classic curled bob hairdo! You’ll look and feel like a 1940’s movie star with this hairdo and it is ideal for 1940’s inspired events like parties and other celebrations. Charming and beautiful even today anyone women will love this beautiful flowing bob.

So, now you have seen some of our favourite 1940’s hairstyles are you tempted to try one out?

If so then you’ll be glad to know that at the aer Hair Salon we can do all these great hairstyles and many more 1940’s classics!

We follow the traditional techniques but with a few modern innovative touches to fully replicate these classic hairstyles and many more 1940s favourites.

So, whether you feel like going a little retro or are holding or attending a 1940’s style event if you want your hair to look its best and capture that 1940’s charm book an appointment at the aer blow dry bar today.